Little known sex club rule for my husband. “You can never have enough heavily gelled red pin spots.”

Because the shaving didn’t make him look young enough. I feel like a priest.

What the hell? I’m digging through boxes of office stuff.

Nice car fuckhead. There are two walk ups around the corner.

Surprisingly. This was not a DVD box.

The corndog. Nature’s perfect food. The stem that held them to the tree make great handles too.

Holy crap! Clearing out old software and found this….

I’m going through old photos at work again. This one is from 2012.  Has to be one of the most beautiful cocks ever.  

My husband pilfered a yummy children’s box from Virgin America. What is in it?

Fuck you right handed people and your elitist mugs!

I put some fiber wax in the hair. Much better now. I think.

Do not touch the thermostat, or risk the wrath of God.

File under I never throw anything out