File under I never throw anything out



Wooof woof oink oink now that’s a real man

Awwww!  One of my brothers in my chosen family.  He passed away last July. :-(
He was fucking hot.  Wasn’t he? 

Thank you Cheerios! Now in gay pride colors.

Otter smashes clams together.

#latergram this was last night. But just posting now.

Prime Rib. Get in us now!

Fire. (at Harrah’s Resort and Casino- Lake Tahoe)

Love. Sweet love.

I have always wanted to open one of these things

Oh my god you guys! Look. It is a “save” symbol. In 3D.

My husband, “it’s like you ate breakfast, threw up, and took acid.” #unicornbarf

We left bruiser home today what we went to work. He is way way more freaked out than I thought he would be

My husband tossed my salad.

Made ya look!