No matter how you eat it, it comes out peanuts.


Caveat Growlr! or Don’t Take No Guff on Scruff!

So, like most of us, I’ve had exchanges on the hookup apps that weren’t the greatest…but this is the first time that I’ve ever felt a desire, much less compelled, to share one with others.

The opening on this conversation was awkward, out of nowhere, and smacked of “negging” (the recently popularized asshole practice of fratboy fucktards consisting of subtly undermining the self-esteem of girls they sought to prey on via backhanded compliments and negative implication bullshit)—but I was willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt.  I flipped over to the profile and confirmed that he did indeed appear to be a jackass, but there was no reason to not give him a chance to prove me wrong.  He did anything but.  I wasted no time in puncturing THAT vastly over-inflated, pompous dipshit douchebag.

And afterward, I felt compelled to share and to exhort my followers thusly—

Dear users of chat sites/the hookup apps:

Please don’t let ANYONE talk to you like this.  I don’t care if you’re a top, bottom, dominant, submissive, bold, shy, confident, tentative, young, old or anything else—NOBODY gets to treat you with that kind of disrespect.  Even if you’re into humiliation and like to get talked down to or get off on being insulted, NOBODY deserves to say things like this to you without your freely negotiated permission.  You don’t have to give them what for or call them out on being an asshole if that makes you uncomfortable, but I encourage you to ignore or block anybody who tries to pull this kind of shit with you on a chat site or hookup app.

Seriously.  Fuck those guys with a rabid porcupine.

Your Friendly Neighborhood FoxBear

Bruiser being cute. My husband realizing I will post this on the internet. Sigh

This was insane fun last month #thebrigsf

New addition to our car

My husband is getting the Brig ready for Blackout night tonight at 10pm

Screw this going becki to bed

Nick posted this on the fridge. I went down and added ” used”

One of the sucky things about being left handed.. We push ballpoint pens, not pull. So this happens to all of em

Yeahhhh yeah. She knows it’s a Multipass

Goofy ” I just had great head from the hot dude around the corner” look. G’nite